Knightsbridge International
Prepares to participate in Relief Efforts in Darfur
Knightsbridge International has been invited to participate in a series of relief efforts with will include the personal delivery of two Solar Power Water Purification Units, each capable of processing up to 30,000 gallons of water per day and a very large amount urgently medicines donated by Knightsbridge Intl and One Dollar 4 Darfur ( ) through our partner NGO, MedPharm, ( ) as well as coordinating the future delivery of at least four additional shipments of supplies into the region.

We will be personally delivering urgently needed lifesaving medicines and medical supplies which were either donated or purchased by us from our partner NGOs such as MedPharm, the REMEDY Program at Yale University,
( and Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach, ( ) to name only a few.


We have partnered for these missions with individuals, local and other foreign NGOs already well established and operational on the ground in the region.

Our efforts to help those affected by this horrific situation will continue as long as possible and only be subject to available funding and donated materials.


For instance, we can purchase a package of medicines especially assembled for us that will provide for the basic medical care for 10,000 people living in the conditions that exist in Darfur for up to one full year. For every $ 50,000.00 that we raise, we can purchase and physically deliver such a shipment of medicines, which have a wholesale value in excess of $ 1,800,000.00 per package. ( A list of these medicines is available upon request )


We need your financial support in order to do this. Donations specifically earmarked for the purchase of medicines for our future shipments to this area can be made to Knightsbridge International either online through Pay Pal:

Or by sending checks made out to:

Knightsbridge International
PO Box 4394
West Hills, CA 91308-4394

ALL donations by mail should be clearly marked:
Darfur Relief Missions

Respectfully, we remain

Knightsbridge International
West Hills, CA