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Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani / OSMTH or Templar Knights

Volunteer Opportunities in Alternative Energy with Knightsbridge Intl.


US Committee for Refugees



A non-commercial service offering both Reuters news and a forum for voluntary organizations to exchange information in order to help improve the speed and effectiveness of emergency relief operations.

The home pages, including Reuters latest disaster-related news, are open to the public. The rest of this website is restricted to the International Relief Community of which Knightsbridge International is a member and is used exclusively for the timely exchange of information which may be confidential.

The Reuters Foundation is an educational and charitable trust established and funded by Reuters, the world news and financial information group.

Relief Web

A project of the United Nations Department of Humanitarian Affairs (DHA). The purpose of this effort is to strengthen the response capacity of the humanitarian relief community through the timely dissemination of reliable information on prevention, preparedness and disaster response.

Volunteer Match

Volunteer Match has now helped thousands of people volunteer around the country! We encourage you to help us spread the word about the Volunteer Match service which allows nonprofits to list their opportunities on our web site for free.

The Dith Pran Holocaust Awareness Project, Inc.

Spreading the Word of the Cambodian Genocide - Cambodia Today

Afghanistan Relief Organization

The Greer Foundation

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